Art stencils for decoration

... 5000 designs ...
... available via internet ...
... world's largest selection ...

The process is so simple for everybody... you won't beleive in amasing result!

Place it on the wall...

You can fix it by spacial adhesive spray or just by paper masking tape. Small stencils is enough to hold by arm.

Paint it with care...

You can use any paints, but regular water-baset is recommended. Just follow out simple instructions (included).

Your art is ready!

We make stencils from professional plastic (Mylar). It is reusable and you can try before final painting!

Just few facts

Why we are probably the best place for you to buy stencils for decoration.

  • Widest choice
  • 5000 designs
  • Simple ordering process just regular internet-shop. But some stencil-specific features added:
  • Order any size you need.
  • Two types of stencils.
  • Real reusable material.
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  • For any applications
  • from 1 cm to 10 m
  • For professional and home use. For art decoration and industrial marking. For homes and offices. Furniture, walls, ceilings, clothes, packaging...
  • ...wardrobes or chairs.
  • ...Å›walls or ceilings.
  • ...curtains or tableclothes.
  • ...facades and roofs.
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  • We are manufacturer
  • up to 200 per day
  • We can adopt our existing design to your needs or easily make a new based on your imagination.
  • Combine it.
  • Divide it.
  • Order it from scratch.
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